Ontract Law (Introduction to Business Law)

On Monday, Andy Advertised in a local paper, the East Anglian Mail, which he was offerina reward of A?5000 for finding a rare breeding dog, answering to the nameof Cassey. Andy hadlost the animalwhile excercising it on a nearby hillside.

On Wednesday,Bolam saw the advertisement & bought special equipment costing A?500, which he intended to find the dog.

On Tuesday, Stan, a shepherd, found the dog attacking its sheep.Hecaptured the dog and on friday, brought it down to the townof oldcastle where he was told about the reward. He went to Andy to claim it.

On THursday, Andy placed a notice in a local shop saying the reward was no longer an offer

…Advise where everyone would stand under contract law if this happned i.e.establish if this an offer or invitation to treat and why / the difference between the 2 and once done, what part applies to what individual.

Then, Advise Andy, what difference, if any, would it make to your advice IF
a) Stan were Andys younger brother AND

s) Casey were to die before she could be returned to Andy.