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Amanda and Patrick are planning to get married. They decided on a date in April 2006 and commenced inquiries to decide on a venue for the reception. After having visited a number of facilities that offered services of this kind, they decided that, for a number of reasons, they preferred a venue known as Avoca Haven.

Avoca Haven is owned and operated by a company, Avoca Haven Pty Ltd. On June 15, Amanda met with the managing director of Avoca Haven Pty Ltd, Jack Horner, in his office at Avoca Haven. A written agreement was signed by Amanda and by Jack Horner on behalf of the company. The agreement indicated that the date, April 10 2006, would be reserved by the company for the reception for Amanda and Patrick s wedding and that in consideration of this agreement Amanda was to pay a  deposit of $500.00. The agreement did not include any details as to the food, beverages, decorations, or order of proceedings. It did not include any agreement as to the costs on the day.

On July 23, Amanda and Patrick attended a function entitled  Wedding Expo in the showgrounds in Armidale. Jack Horner made a presentation, stressing the advantages of Avoca Haven as a venue for a wedding reception. At the end of his presentation he made the statement that  Avoca Haven will provide a 20% deduction on the total cost of the function to anyone who both makes a firm booking before the 30th of August 2005 and pays a deposit to confirm that booking.

Amanda is delighted until Horner informs her that as she has already paid her deposit, he does not consider that she is entitled to the deduction.

Advise the parties as to their rights in these circumstances. Include in your answer an outline of the elements that are required before a court will hold that a contract has been created.

This assignment will be marked applying the following criteria:
1. Does the answer address the question asked, identify the relevant issues and offer a conclusion?
2. Does the answer integrate information obtained from the required reading for the unit?
3. Does the answer indicate that the student has thoughtfully considered the material?
4. Is the presentation, language and structure of the report appropriate?