Ontract management principles and approaches to the procurement of construction services


For this assignment students will be required to form a project team consisting of a minimum of four individuals [one client, one main contractor, at least one consultant and at least one sub-contractor]. As part of the team formation process each student will be required to negotiate with other students to secure their preferred role.

Every team member will be required to prepare Heads of Terms to express the conditions under which their services have been engaged. The Heads will form the basis of a contracts that must be signed by two individuals occupying roles appropriate to the terms expressed, i.e. ClientMain Contractor, Client-Consultant, Client-Sub-Contractor, Main Contractor-Sub-Contractor, Main Contractor-Consultant or Consultant-Sub-Contractor.

Each contract must clearly indicate the procurement pathway agreed between the two parties i.e. Traditional, Design & Build, Management Contracting or Construction Management.

Note: To complete this assignment students need only focus on allocating roles and responsibilities to the different parties, so students should not spend time creating fictitious a?construction projecta? details to augment the role play element of the exercise.

You do not have to write the Heads and Terms. I would like you to write the report just by taking into account the following information and do some literature search.
a? Knowledge of the system used to procure construction services is clearly demonstrated with reference to academic literature. 50mark

a? Understanding the importance of the negotiation stage in the procurement process is well evaluated with links to appropriate examples drawn from the group forming exercise. 25marks