Ontract & Procurement issues in Contemporary Project Management

Briefly describe a typical tendering process/methodology applied in UK project management practice.
Discuss contractual issues which may arise in such contractual situations in projects, identifying where those issues occur.
Suggest general improvements to address these contemporary procurement


BRIEFLY DESRCIBE Covers question requirements. Shows understanding of typical tendering process. Includes key processes pertinent to rest of essay

DISCUSSION Ability to discuss using source references to support the argument. Shows understanding that project effectiveness can be impaired. Identifies where in the project, process and contract that these issues arise

SUGGEST Builds on identified issues by identifying what referenced sources suggest may provide the answers to UK Procurement and Contracting performance

QUALITY & STYLE Appropriate essay style. Use of the Harvard Referenicg system, all refs attributed. Good grammar and spelling.

Please use approx 12 sources from text books, journals and the web. Please provide bibliography
Harvards Referencing system
Sources Books, journals and the web