Ontraction in Smooth Muscle Cells compared to Contraction in Skeletal Muscle Cells

The paper is to cover the cells of one of the tissues found in ch 6. It is to look at how the cell you choose functions on a molecular level to perform its tasks that are needed by the body.

The paper should have a point. That is the paper should try to explain something the cell dose or something that happens inside the cell. It should not be a list of the first 5 pages of isolated facts you can find about a cell type. Maybe it would help if the paper had a title. A title causes a paper to have a direction. The point is that I am not looking for just a list of facts. I am looking for a paper that covers A specific subject that is related to the inner working of a specific cell type.

Paper is to be carefully footnoted. I do not care what form you use for your footnotes as long as it is an accepted style that is currently in use. For me, too many footnotes are much better that too few footnotes. If it is not common knowledge it should have a footnote.

The paper should have a bibliography that is not counted as part of the 5+ pages of the paper.

I will accept sources from the internet as long as they are scholarly sources. I will not accept Wickapedia because anyone can change the entries information. You are required to have a minimum of 3 sources.