Ontracts fact pattern ( Law of Contract ) Please I want a writer specialize in Law especially Law of contract

Read all the notes and reauiremnt below.. Also, I will upload these to make it easier.

Contracts fact pattern

1. A US metals company named a?Metal Suppliersa? (Seller) enters into a contract in Washington, DC, on May 21, 1996 with a Chinese steel company named a?Shanghai Steel Co.a? (Buyer) to supply scrap metal during July 1996 for the total price of US $7,500,000.00 to be delivered in Beijing, and to be paid for by company check on or before July 1, 1996. A deposit of $7,500,000.00 was made by the Buyer at the time of the contract with the balance due on or before July 1, 1996. The terms of the contract provided that the company check would be issued before the scrap metal is loaded onto a ship for carriage to Beijing. The contract specified that the laws prevailing in the US govern.

( required for first page )
- Please draft a contract based on the above terms. ( make a page that shows a contract between them based on the above term). It could be from 100 to 200 words. (first page)

( required for second page ) show and explain in more details for each element of contract, see the question below. Read the question below to be more accurate.
- List the six elements of a contract and based on the above fact pattern, identify the facts that establish each of the six elements and if any are missing, identify which ones

( required for Third page) use the information below :
2. Change the fact pattern in the scenario above that would make the contract defective and explain why your changes make the contract defective. (Note that although some changes may be easier to prove defective, if made too easy, full credit may not be given)

( required for Forth page ) use the below question and try to give good arguments and give the possible remedies. You will find at the end of this reading the requirement of this question.
3. . Lastly, assume the facts below occurred after the signing of the contract.
The parties had done business 15 times in the past, so some items were not fully addressed in the contract. For example, the parties had an oral understanding that was not included in the contract that the buyer must approve the chartered vessel selected by seller before the steel is shipped. No later than 1 July, 1996, the seller charters the requisite vessel to load the scrap, but the buyer does not produce the company check in the amount of US $7,500,000.00. the unstated reason is that scrap steel prices have dropped substantially since the contract was executed, so the contract substantially favors seller. Further, there is a sense that the buyer has a sufficient supply of scrap steel for its business so that it may not even require selleras scrap steel for its business so that it may not even require selleras scrap in the short term and contract terms should thus be renegotiated. Selleras lawyers notify buyeras lawyers on August 5 that if they are not paid by noon on August 9, Seller will dispose of the chartered vessel and sell the scrap. Buyeras lawyers inform seller on August 9 that buyer a?is still studying the matter,a? but an executive committee meeting will be held only later in August. Selleras counsel then informs buyer in writing that they are terminating the contract and so disposes of the steel scrap at a price below the contract price, because the market has fallen in the interim. Buyeras position is that seller is in breech because it did not obtain its prior approval of the vessel to be chartered.

- Explain both sides arguments, and then determine why each party thinks they are right and the type(s) of remedies both parties might seek?
End of course work.

Read carefully my suggestions to the writer: I have added some notes above to make my requirement more accurate and clear for the writer. I want the writer to complete 4 a 5 pages including the references. I asked him above what to do in each page. Please try to follow the same what I asked you to do. I am student in United Arab Emirates and please I want you to write a good essay and clear writing .. below you will find the six elements of a contract that we done in this course, it might me different than your country but please use them because we have to mention all of them and discuss them in details applying to this case.

Six elements of contract :
1. Offer and Acceptance
2. Mutual Agreement
3. Consideration
4. Competent Parties
5. Legal Purpose of Contracts
6. Form of contracts ( proper form )

We are using this book in our course:
Essentials of Business Law, Seventh edition, Anthony L. Liuzzu
Please if you can find this book use it to complete this assignment.
Please put a full references and citation if you use anything and try use your experience and show your understanding and cite everything please to avoid any plagiarism.