Ontrast and compare the psychological theories of Jung and Freud. Discuss some implications of their theoretical and therapeutic differences.

1. Compare and contrast the psychological theories.
2. Then discuss the implications of those differences or technics of psychotherapy itself.
3. Dont just Describe what Jung and Freud want to say but think about what it implies for the client and what are the minues and pluses for psychotherapy.
4. Stick to what Freud and Jung said and a bit of what other people has said about this statement.
5. Talk about the etiological and the teleological,and what are the implication of our neurosis always being interrupted to our past causes or neurosis in our so call future causes
6. What are the differences for a person being worked with….with that idea in mind rather that idea.

Referencing Requirements:
1.critical dictionary of Jungian. By:Andrew Samuel (2006)
2. Critical dictionary of Freudian . By: Rycrofts Charles (1995)
3.Jungas development of Freudas psychoanalysis: 1 and 2 (CH)
Jung, C.G. (1963) Memories, Dreams, Reflections Chaps. 1-3. London, Flamingo

Can this be written in a 2.1 grade pls? I chose 2.2 cause of financial reason. Will be highly grateful if it can be a 2.1 graded, thank you.