Ontrast Chinese and Japanese objects which were traded by the Portuguese

professors guidelines:
This is a research paper of about 10 pages. You can select your own topic or consult the list of possible topics below. When doing your research, you will naturally look for information on your specific subject but you should also look more generally at the larger context. What other artists or objects are associated with your topic? What social, political, or cultural events inform the making or reception of your object(s), artist(s), or medium (media)? You will not find a lot of information fishing for your specific object/artist/topic, but you can find a lot of information if you cast a wide net. Get started finding sources and information, and then check the sources that that source used, and follow the chain of information.

Paper Form: All papers must have a coherent structure that flows logically from beginning to end. Start with an introductory paragraph or two outlining the subject of the paper and include a thesis statement identifying your specific focus. Find some angle on your investigation-a problem, a specific idea-rather than giving me a digest of historical information on your subject. At the end, wrap up with a conclusion. Poor paper organization or the lack of a thesis will bring your grade down.

Sources: You must include a bibliography, and it must include a variety of source types: monographs, exhibition catalogues, articles, and reference works. Your bibliography must include a minimum of five scholarly sources. Online sources need to be approached with care. Anyone can publish online: that is its beauty and its danger. Make sure the source is scholarly.
Use the provided departmental style sheet as a guide. Not doing this correctly will bring your grade down. (Yes, it is that important!)

My plan:
First part: common object (14th~17th-century)
Second part: Jesuits object (15th~16th-century)

(Two parts have the similar form)
Describe objects which came from China and Japan in similar time. Contrast them according to the social, political and culture. (Why did the object appear at that time, and why does it belong to China/Japan?)

(professor advise):
I hope you can focus on some specific objects (provide photocopies of the objects you discuss)–this should help you focus your papers discussion.

other things:
I am a chinese student and my English just so so, so please do not use too complicated sentences or words. Please make e paper looks like a chinese student write. thank you.