Ontrasting essay on democratic vs communist country

Could you please proof read this essay by 11:30 AM July 26, 2007?
Actually, I think I made many mistakes using bad grammar. Could you be able to make it look more coherent and use better word choices? I guess you could put couple of sentences to make it better essay. Its contrasting essay for English class and its about how Democratic country and Communist country differ (From short story by Ha Jin Saboteur.”) I have to hand this paper by 12:30 So could you please fix by 11:30? There is probablly about 9 hours from now.
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Here is the essay!

When I lived in Korea until 3 years ago, communism was familiar not only with me but also with peers who grew up in Korea. My country is divided into two part: North Korea and South Korea. During early 1950s, North Korea combined with China and Russia as a communist country, and South Korea all alienated with America as a democrat country. I lived in South Korea though, I always watched news that introducing about lots happening between North Korea and South Korea. Both of came from same source and use same language, but we have very different way of thinking. Communism is a political movement that believe in an economic system in which the state controls the means of producing everything on behalf of the people. It aims to create a society in which everyone is treated equally.
Democracy is a system of government in which all the people of a country can vote to elect their representatives.They are fair and equal treatment of everyone in an organization, and their right to take part in making decisions. Like nitices if motto are different, law and the way of warking law is very different between communist and democratic.

In the story Saboteurby Ha Jin, It shows us very good demonstration of how communist laws are working. first of all, Mr. Chiu was cought by policemen to police station with no reason unfairly. He were haveing lunch in the wquare before Muji train station. After they ate, they were living, but two policemens who sat next table, dumped tea to Mr.Chiu and his bride direction, so their sandals gor wet. However, when Mr.Chiu just complained about rudness of those policemens, they grabbed him and clamped hand cuffs around his wrists. And They took Mr. Chiu to police station because Mr.Chiu kept complaine that how they treated him unfairly. They gave the name of the crime to him when they cought him, was because he is a Saboteur, and he disrupted public order. In this story, the incident took place in China which is a communist country. He did not do anything to police men, but they cajole him and his bride. Beside, guards amested him to police station with out particular reason. when Mr. Chiu complained aboit it; however, there was nothing we could do to face the justice. In democratic country like South Korea or America, they can not amest poeple without having a specific reason. Policemen should only help people by controling its society. However, policemen or army, in communist country, has a enormous power backed up by their goverment. So they can do whatever they want: even their actions are unjust. The wards of policemen or army are just like the law.

Second, when Mr.Chiu got in the police station, the chief asked him many question and ask him to sign on the areement. They made up his name of the crime, and act like that happened was for real. They knew that he did not do anything, but may be they felt like make him as a criminal. Even they high pressed to him that sign up on agreement that was telling the fack situation.
Generally speaking, when we are in this situation, we are able to have own lawyer, and we are going to have court to be judged with own lawyer in demoncracy country. They are going to have fair judge only by law on process. Opposite with it, in Communist country, they do not have the process of judging criminal. They are not respected to have layer for presenting their position, and they are not going to have fair result. Even in this story, Mr. Chiu supposed have his lawyer, but he had to have the processing of judge without his lawyer. Even that was not quite court to be fair to him. They just made up story and push him to agree with that, because they did not need to be control under the law. Everything can be real only by their sayng, and they do not care how other people or magagine would talk about it, because they knew that no one can against to community police. There are the world for only people who has a political power and do not have law that could be fair for everybody.

Third, Fenjin was sent by Mr. Chiu bride and came to the police station as a Mr. Chiu lawyer. He recent graduated from the law department at Harbin University.
He even do not have official position for helping Mr. Chiu out and 수모를 당했데.
Eventually, He could not help to express Mr. Chiu position and could not protect him from signing up on wrong agreement.
Even Fenjin is young age or have no official position, he is a lawyer in their country. At least, he had to have respect from policemen, and he has a power that can help Mr.Chiu from unfair situation at the police station.
In Democracy country, every body can be garanted their position, and everybody accept that too.No one try to against them, and it is right society. However In community country, Every body is not garenteed whatever they work hard or not. Everythiing is depends on
people who have the goverment on their back.

Law is there for everybody to protect their claim, and Everybody sould be treated very fairly in our socieety. If i work hard, i can get good result, if i broken the law, i will get punishment. Everything is connected with personal thing. However, this situation is totally opposite in the Community country. Their law is not able to protect people, and everybdy get unfair treatment. Whatever work hard, or broken the law, there are only people who have the goverment on their back, can get all of marits. I learn that to get fair treatment and right positions are avalable only in our Demoncracy country through this story.