Ontrasts between the Movie Rambo IIand the book In Pharaohs Armyby Tobias Wolff

In Pharaahs Arrg, presents Tobias Wolffs experience in The Vietnam War. Compared to fhe sensationalized
Hollywood depictions, this text offers a less glamorous perspective. In Wolffs recollection, he does not elevate himself to supremacy. His character does not traipse through Vietnam like a super hero. The Vietnamese people are not depicted as hoiy or evil, but instead they are viewed as human. For this essay, you need to compare Wolffs memoir with a film from the list below. Choose specific elements and scenes. Write a thesis statement explaining the contrasts or similarities you will be discussing. The analysis needs be focused. If you decide to write about the treatment of violence, the entire essay should work within the boundaries of violence in the book and film. The essay needs tc be supported by direct quotes, paraphrased passages and scene explanations. Apply the reading and writing techniques from class. Be formal and creative. Present an interesting and in depth perspective.

Minimum of 3 full pages (If you fail to produce 3 full pages, you will be docked points).
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. Sources: Two sources required: In Pharaohs Army andthe film you chose. Both must be properly cited.
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Film: Rambo II

A note to the authors:
Successful essays dig below the surface . Generalizations are the “kiss of deathfor analytical essays Study the memoir.