Ontribute to the complex nursing of clients

HL TEN505A Contribute to the complex nursing of clients

Mrs Carr is a 49 year old woman with early onset Alzheimers disease, osteoarthritis, Type 1 diabetes, asthma and history of DVT. She has arrived in the ward by wheel chair for investigation of increased abdominal girth and jaundice. She has been taking corticosteroids for her asthma for 6 months and receives insulin SC, BD which her husband administers when at home.

1. Discuss the clinical manifestations (signs and symptoms) of Mrs Carrs diagnoses.
2. Outline the appropriate nursing interventions for Mrs Carr, taking into consideration her physical, emotional and psychosocial needs, provide a rationale for your interventions.
3. Discuss Mrs Carrs medication management, outlining their mode of action and what reactions and responses you would observe.
4. Identify what observations you would perform on Mrs. Carr, provide a rationale for your answer. Document your findings in the progress notes and identify who to report your findings to.
5. Describe how you as an Enrolled Nurse (med) can maintain the clients dignity and rights within the legal and ethical guidelines.