Ontributions of Schools of Thought to Your Specialization

Part I (Page 1)
Identify one or two schools of thought that seem to match your specialization area, that is I/O, Educational, or General, Clinical. Identify the values, theories, techniques, methods, and research approach of the school or schools and discuss how they contribute to your specialization area.
(My specialization is General Psychology)

Part II (page 2)
Application of Schools of Thought to Research
Using the school of thought you identified in the first discussion question for this unit, apply it to the research topic you have chosen to explore. Discuss how the school of thought helps you frame your research topic in the context of theory, and how it affects your choice of research methods and approaches. Locate at least two articles relevant to conducting research in psychology on quantitative and qualitative research methods, depending on your research focus, to support your argument.
Now that you have had a chance to study the schools of thought more, do you still feel that the school of thought that you identified in Unit 2 fits for your specialization and research topic? Describe current social, political contexts that support your choice.