Ontrol of World Crops by Patent and Genetic Means

This assignment is especially appropriate for an agriculturally based community like Ventura, Fresno, Modesto, or elsewhere in Californias rural areas . In the news recently, a multinational corporation called Monsanto has developed several types of genetically modified (GM) seed that have contaminated the crops of individual family farms throughout the United States and Canada, then filed patent lawsuits against these farms. Here is the assignment.

1. View The World According to Monsanto

2. Describe the effect of Monsantos pesticides on the residents of Allison, Alabama

3. Describe the impact of BT cotton on a region in India,.

4. Review Vandana Shivas explanation as to how Monsanto and other companies gain control of the worlds agriculture by patenting genetically modified seed.

5. Citing Chapalas review of his research on genetically modified organism GMO contamination, view the case study of Oaxacas farmers reaction to this genetic invasion based on the presentation. How do they know their corn is contaminated.

6. . Write and submit a report on Monsantos operations of contamination and patent control in Oaxaca and the reaction of the farmers to this development. Value of this extra credit assignment. 50 points