Ontrol Process, Performance Appraisals, Benchmarking on Lost My Name”

Purpose of this assignment
Marketing planning is essential for any successful marketing activity in an organisation. Without adequate planning, marketing can waste essential resources pursuing the wrong courses of action. Particularly relevant is the role of marketing planning in the context of a start-up business that statistically has higher likelihood of failure within the first year of business.
In completion of the assignment learners should be able to demonstrate how internal and external factors impact marketing planning for an organisation, demonstrate understanding of barriers to marketing planning and ethical issues in marketing and be able to create a marketing plan for a product or a service that establishes understanding of new knowledge and consolidates theoretical frameworks learnt with Unit 4 (Marketing Principles).
You have been hired as a marketing consultant by the Dragoni??s Den. Your role is to help one of their selected start-up companies to take off as a successful business.
You have the choice to select which start-up to whom you have decided to offer your consultancy services however they need to be based in the UK and they need to have been selected by the Dragoni??s Den throughout the year of 2014.
You are expected to create a detailed marketing audit and create the marketing plan for the product or the service. Furthermore, you are expected to assess the main barriers to marketing planning and analyse the ethical issues in marketing.
Task 1 is group based i?? you are not allowed to do your work individually. The lecturer will assess your contributions to the team continuously and your own team will peer evaluate the work at the end of the term.
You need to access YouTube to find Dragoni??s Den episodes in order to select a product/service that has been backed up financially by a Dragoni??s Den member and that you believe has potential. You need to make this choice in the first week of class as a group.
Task 1 i?? Marketing Audit and Plan (Teamwork based assessment)
In the role of a marketing consultancy team you have been asked as the first step of your project to create a marketing audit in order to evaluate external and internal factors that influence the marketing planning of your start-up company. Your analysis has to start by reviewing the changing perspectives in marketing planning, and then you will need to examine and compile a marketing audit assessing the external business environment and the internal environment.
After a complete marketing audit analysis you will need to develop a marketing plan for the product or service that your selected start-up company has created. In this context you need to start by explaining why marketing planning is essential in the strategic planning process for your company; then, you will need to examine techniques for the new product/service; you will need to justify pricing policy, distribution and promotional decisions and you need to consider effective implementation and control of the marketing plan.

On printing company i?? Lost My Namei?? personalised on childreni??s books. Found by David CadjiNewby, who used to write for comedy television shows.

I will need: Control process, Performance Appraisals, Benchmarking (on i?? Lost My Namei??).
Do not need to explain Marketing Audit or Plan.
Lecture notes
Chapter 3 and 4, Essential Guide to Marketing Planning, Woods.

Chapter 2, 3 and 4, Strategic Marketing: Planning and control, Drummond, Ensor, Ashford.