Ontroling the Scene of a Terrorist Attack and Potential Secondary Hazards

Using the textbook and CSU Online Library, write a 500-word mini research paper on both essay questions. You will take the topics of both questions and research each one separately, but you will compose your thesis statement and findings together in one composition. For example, you can research an aspect of assessment question #1 that you feel passionate about and find peer-reviewed articles that support your thesis statement. You would write about this topic using about 250 words, and then complete your 500 word research paper with your second topic from the assessment questions.
Use APA format, including a title and a reference page. Be sure to have a minimum of 500 words of double spaced full text, and ensure that the paper has appropriate APA citations. A minimum of two references are required.

1. Establishing control of a terrorist scene and the surrounding area is very important for the safety of the emergency responders. What type of dangers and traps could be set for the first responders? Do you think a well-planned terrorist attack would include traps for the first responders? Explain why or why not.

2. After a terrorist attack, there may be intentional or natural hazardous materials left behind. How did the responders to the Oklahoma City bombing discover this, and what effect did it have?