Ontrolled Content Distribution in Peer-to-Peer Networks

This is my preliminary thesis proposal.The parts that are to be included in it are:

1. Research Problem and Objectives
2. Literature Review
3. Feasible solutions and their limitations
4. Significance

This is a technological proposal based on Cryptographic mechanisms i.e Buyer-Seller watermarking based anonymous fingerprinting mechanism.The idea of this proposed topic is to transfer the burden of a centralized fingerprinting technology to a distributed network of buyers who will collaborate to produce further copies of the fingerprint contents i.e a multicast approach to the anonymous fingerprinting problem that removes computational overhead and communication bandwidth cost.
In the solutions and limitations section,you have to provide feasible solutions and also limitations to these solutions.
I am attaching some papers for your convenience.I have highlighted the important parts in the papers as well.The basic idea has been taken from the paper CoPrivacyand thesis titled Privacy Preserving Content Protection
If you need any other sort of information,please do tell me.

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