Ontrollership Issues: SouthWest Airlines

IMPORTANT: Please use SIMPLE English and SIMPLE sentences, Please dont use any difficult vocabulary, otherwise the teacher will know that we bought the paper.

This Research Paper is for a Managerial Accounting CONTROLLERSHIP Class.
The company we chose is SouthWest Airlines.

Paper Requirement:
I. Description and strategic context of the company in its industry a 3 pages

II. Selection of the top three controllership issues including your rationale, drawing from all relevant sources, including class readings, and your company and industry research information, as appropriate. a 6 pages

III. Appendices.

Class Readings Topics:
1. Current Controllership Issues
2. Strategic Planning (Budgeting)
3. Selection of Cost System (Activity Based Costing)
4. Systems & Internal Controls.
5. Management Controls Theory
6. Management Controls Practices
7. Finance and Treasury Responsibilities
8. External Reporting
9. Corporate Governance

You can start from searching for SouthWest Airlines Case Studies.
We have access to databases (New York Times, etc) from our school library, so if you need any particular articles or documents, we can provide it for you if it is available in the database.

Please give us the links to the sources so that we can learn further to create a presentation.

Thank You.