Ontrolling Child pornography on the usenet

I have made an outline:

Controlling child pornography on the Usenet

1.The war against usenet
a. ISP shutting down usenet access due to child pornography.
b. RIAA sues Usenet.com
c. New York and Californias governments forcing ISP to drop usenet

2. Usenet Digital rights, free speech
a. Using telecommunications loop hole as the right to publish anything
Commercial Usenet service providers claim to operate as a telecommunications service, and assert that they are not responsible for the user-posted binary content transferred via their equipment.”
b. Usenet is a avenue for free speech and should remain so….

3. Where do we start Yes we
a. Its just not feasible to police the usenet posters. The responsibility must be at the provider level.
b. as users we need to support the providers who are willing to take the extra steps to control problem.

4. What should providers do
a. Millions of files are processed daily. Without over burdening providers…. what can be expected.
b. Only support groups on the up and up. The government has already compiled a list of newsgroups that are know child porn supporters and for the most part have been eliminated. Continue with this list and improve.
c. Employ filters that can scan the post and messages looking for keywords.
d. As a web based provider, I have more responsibility as to what is available to view. Its a large task but, the only acceptable solution. Preview every image before it becomes live on the site. This is the only way to guard against deceptive post.

While designing my server…. and looking at ways to deter child pornography. I searched and search for an acceptable keyword list with no success. To follow is my compiled list for anyone to review. Additions and comments are greatly appreciated and can be reply to by contacting support at my server.

[broad match]

child 11 year
preteen 12 year
underage 13 year
incest 14 year
kiddie 15 year
juvenile 16 year
lolita 17 year
schoolgirl loliz
adolescent hanna montana
daughter rape
lolicon beastiality
daddy boy
loliteen teenybooper

Is it good to give out this list? Now deceptive posters have a way to bypass. I think they were smart enough in the beginning to work around this obstacle. Post names would have been given something totally irrelevant to porn. So there it is, Its out but, not complete. Help.
The only sure fire way is preview every image and slow down the intake of new images and videos to a controllable manner. By only previewing thumbs this number is actually pretty high. Sure. I may miss one but, Ive done the best possible job that can be done to deter this obscene crime.