Ontrolling Fluid Retention Using Daily Weight Monitoring in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure

This is a research paper/proposal/thesis for a Masters in Nursing graduate program with emphasis in Family Nurse Practice. More directions will be provided.

INSTRUCTIONS : Hypertensive Heart DiseaseCongestive Heart Failure (CHF)
The topic is Daily Weight Monitoring in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure. In the beginning (introduction), write about hypertensive heart disease in general terms, list the diseases that fit under this umbrella term (Myocardial Infarction, CHF, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy etc) and then narrowing it down to CHF. CHF will be the focus of the rest of the paper and more specifically the aspect of fluid retention and fluid overload, which is why the research intervention that I am proposing is for patients to practice Daily Weight Monitoring because the patient s weight indicates if the patient is retaining water. Thus the study is to decrease the occurrence of fluid overload and thus CHF exacerbation hospitalizations through daily weight. This must be a focused study in that the paper will be focusing on this one intervention only and will focus on the fluid retention aspect of CHF. Age group should be 60 and older. Not sure what title is yet, possibly  Controlling Fluid Retention using daily weight monitoring , somewhere along those lines, maybe add  which in turn will decrease CHF hospitalizations .
Remember that Family Nurse Practitioners work in Primary Care settings (ie. Clinics). So the approach to this essay shall focus on our role in this type of setting. Thus, think about how patients with CHF present to a family practice/internal medicine clinic. By educating patients on weighing themselves with the same scale, around the same time daily, hopefully this will prevent unnecessary weight gain d/t fluid retention and would in turn decrease hospitalization (which CHF has a 30 day readmission rate due to poor management) and provide the patient with better control of their disease.
Notebelow are the directions, you will use each as a heading (example: Background and Significance of Problem is a heading) and follow the directions given beneath it. Please pay attention to the points and how they are distributed. Things that are worth more implies more time and effort as well as more pages as compared to the others which are worth less points.
***please use the Headings below in the essay and cover each aspect. I will provide a sample essay which shows the headings and content that is needed. The sample paper is from the instructor, so please if you do have similar ideas or if something in the sample is relevant to my paper, do not just copy, discuss it in your own terms.
A. Background and Significance of Problem (5 points).
Introduce the national and international health care problem you have selected and narrow your focus as appropriate. Also explain the significance of this problem to FAMILY nurse Practitioners today

B. Family Perspective Analysis (2.5 points)
Analyze this problem from a family perspective. What can you say about this disease or health problem in terms of the impact of the disease on the family.

C. Global Perspective Analysis (12 points)
Analyze the context within which the global health problem exists and can be understood. This includes: 1) epidemiological data (national and international), 2) Pathophysiological (at a Master s level), 3) economic burdens, and 4) Cultural factors

D. General Management (15points)
Based on the Literature, discuss KEY GENERAL aspects of assessment, diagnosis, and general management of CHF. Then focus and highlight ONE approach or STRATEGIC plan relevant to patient management of this condition within the scope of practice of a Nurse Practitioner in California (ours is daily weight monitor). You will further develop this approach/strategic plan in Parts II and III.

PART II: Theory (25 points total in this area)
A. Overview of Theory (10 points)
a. We will be using the Middle Range Nursing Theory of Self efficacy founded by Barbara Resnick. Which is the same theory in the sample paper I provided. Please do not just copy from the sample as this was provide by the instructor herself.
B. Description of Specific Portion of theory (5 points)
C. Application of Theory to research proposal (10 points)
PART III: Research Application (25 points Total)
A. Introduce and define intervention to be examined (3 pts)
B. Content area for literature review: including databases used and 5-10 keywords used in searches (3 pts)
C. Statement of Research Question or Hypothesis (5 points)
D. Conceptual and Operational Definitions of Research Variables (6 points)
a. Same terms used in other areas of paper and the hypothesis should be used here as well
E. Statement of Research Design and Rationale (Need to be specific here; can t just say qualitative give a specific subtype or design) (6 pts)
a. Sample
b. Setting
c. Sampling Strategy
d. Research Design
e. Data Collection method and data analysis plan
F. Three Measures to control Extraneous Variables (2 points)