Ontrolling or Not Controlling Your Brand

Tim Leberecht, the Chief Marketing Officer at NBBJ, is a communications expert, published author, and sought-after speaker on marketing issues, branding, and great design.

Review the following:

NBBJ People: Tim Leberecht. Retrieved from
Using academic resources from Google scholar and valid Internet sites, research Tim Leberecht. Design a marketing campaign for a current product of your choice using the knowledge you gained in your research.

Complete the following:

Include details of your marketing campaign in your posting. These might include but are not limited to campaign parameters from your annual marketing goals; campaign objectives; the marketing mix (4 Ps: price, product, promotion, and place) for your campaign; creatives (including images, collateral, and topics).
Critically analyze the value of the approach suggested by Tim Leberecht.
Compare Leberechtas marketing approach to other approaches you are familiar with.
Assess how Leberechtas approach could be applied to your own organization or an organization of your choice.
Discuss what might work and what is not applicable in Leberechtas approach.
Support your position with at least two peer-reviewed journal articles.