Ontroversial issueeither homeschool, unemployment, or stem-cell research

-Form an issue question about the controversial issue you are selecting for the comparison paper(homeschooling, unemployment, or stem cell research). This issue question should have at least two opposing answers. These answers are positions and should oppose eachother.
-Research these positions. Then write a 750 word informative essay comparing the two positions. Select two similarites of these two positions and two differences.
-Use at least two sources when discussing position one; use two additional sources for position two. ***Sources are restricted to The Longview database. ( I will provide login information further down in instructions)
-audience: consider audience for whom you plan to write. Consider why they are interested in this topic.
I would see what you can find in the databases first to make sure there is sufficient information to write the paper.
***Login instructions:
1) go to mcckc.edu
2) In top right, click MyMCCKC
3) It will ask you to login.
-username: S1371105 (thats a zero)
-password: aimee1976
4) In bottom left (under library homepage tab) click online databases
5) these are what you must cite in this paper.
6) make sure theres a work cited page.