Ontroversy Analysis (Update Essay) & Annotated Bibliography

Unit # 2: Controversy Analysis (Update Essay) & Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography

You will first compile a working bibliography of 10 sources that you may use in your update essay. Given the many research resources at your disposal, there is no excuse for poor or incomplete research. For that reason, incomplete bibliographies will not be accepted.

1. Sources must be recent (from June 2012 onwards) and relevant to your sub-area
2. Sources should be found by one these means: Google Scholar (not the normal Google search browser), or the libraryas other online databases; do not use Wikipedia as a source for this assignment
3. Each source documented using correct MLA or APA format (your choice)
4. Each source briefly summarized. (one paragraph, fewer than 100 words per annotation)
5. At the end of each summary, an evaluation of the applicability of this source to your update essay. Explain in two sentences how it would help to update the sub-topic from GasLand that you have chosen for your focus.

Annotated Bibliography due on D2L: October 17
Submit 10 sources to me on the same day
Percentage of semester grade: 10%
Grade breakdown: 1% per annotation; each annotation is comprised of two halves: the works cited citation and the annotation/summary; full credit will be given for correct citations & annotations that are accurate and fulfill the criteria above
Essay #2: Controversy Analysis (Update Essay)
Your purpose in this unit is to focus on one sub-area of GasLand and a?updatea? its status. GasLand
premiered in 2010, and many of the claims and arguments in the film may be out of date. You will first select a focus
by deciding which sub-area you would like to focus on. Next, you will conduct research, looking for recent and relevant
data to help deliver an argument regarding the present status of your chosen focus. To that end, the annotated
bibliography assignment will help you compile research to construct a sustained research paper known as the
update essay.

In this essay, you will need to present a thesis that claims what has changed about the problem defined in
your chosen sub-area. In research, you will look for recent and relevant evidence to determine what has changed
(for the better or worse) or otherwise developed since 2010. This research will help you formulate an appropriate thesis and to develop that thesis with evidence and explanation in the body paragraphs.
the website you can find sources is lexisNexis, Academic Search Complete and so on, but you cant use Wikipedia. the sources should be related by china and natural resources or china fracking.