Ontroversy that surrounds Capital Punishment

5-page typed research paper of content on the following topic outlined below. The paper will include citation of all case law referred to as well as a minimum of (5) research sources other than the book. Internet sources are acceptable.

The controversy in our society that surrounds the Death Penalty is second to that which swirls around the issue of abortion. The crimes for which the Death Penalty may be imposed in North Carolina have been reduced over time to the single offense of First Degree Murder and it is not always applicable to that charge. As with any issue, there are two sides to the debate, those in favor of Capital Punishment and those opposed to it. Please address the following:

#1 Provide an outline of the history of Capital Punishment and its application including methods of execution that have been utilized and crimes for which it has been imposed.

#2 Discuss the positions of the two opposing views in the debate over the Dealth Penalty (You need to say more than Some are for and some are against”)

#3 Is the Death Penalty a deterrent to the commission of future murders? Supply agruments and provide any research that has been done to support your response.