Onvergence the use of bothTechnology and Physical Security

The Professor was given the following information on the paper so please incorporate the information below along with the utilization of risk assessments and specific types of technology such as bio-metrics, smart cards, Container Security Act, NIMS, to name a few please expand

With time technology is beginning to catch up with the security needs. How do we incorporate and merge both the security world and technology to prevent crime and attacks. We are utilizing computers and technology for everything; smart phones, computerized tablets, close circuit television (CCTV), smart cards for access to facilities, biometric technology, container security initiative and an array of other things to help protect us.

Problem Statement
With this merging of technology and security there are still conflicts among the many diverse entities how do we combine both the security and technology and work cohesively
Purpose Statement
To prove that both the security and IT world need to work together in order to protect assets.
Research Questions
Start here. There should be no more than three to five questions. They must be directly aligned to the problem and purpose statements or they are irrelevant.
Q1. What is convergence?
Q2. What are the three elements of convergence?
Q3. How does technology enhance security efforts?
Q4. With greater use of technology what are the education requirements for security personnel?

Key Points Addressed
Start here. Provide 3-5 key points highlighting the major points of the topic which you are researching but in a focused way aligned with the purpose statement, problem statement, and research questions.
P1. What is globalization?
P2. What is integration?
P3. What technology is used in physical security? (be descriptive and identify types)
P4. How will working together (security and IT) enhance security? (also incorporate the CSO position)
P5. What are the perceived disadvantages of both merging?

The below is and essay that was turned in to the professor and he wanted to know how

If the progression of my topic becomes convergence of security and technology fist I must define the concept. Next, I must identify what is important to the company and how to protect it. This may begin with a risk analysis to identify the company vulnerabilities. Also how train the team in loss prevention. This includes utilizing the Risk Assessment which has a lot of steps that need to be completed before having effective security program. They include identifying risks or specific vulnerabilities, analyze and study risks, including the likelihood and degree of danger of an event, optimize risk management alternatives, and study security program. I think if protective services went by these four steps they will be successful in avoiding a threat. How people will travel through the facility, signage, parking, and the whole conceptual of designing a building to enhance security. Next will be identifying a crisis management team to handle disruptions and return the company to normalcy quickly as possible. The incorporation of technological devices and operating procedures to help secure the facility to include; smart cards, elevators that allow access to designated floors, and biometrics. Finally how the use of technology will enhance security measures. The security team sets the parameters and the IT team develops programs to facilitate the parameters. How sensitive the sensor is on the outer perimeter, doors with no access that are alarmed, entry point access, parking access, ect. In case of a fire how will the data be transferred or retained, are there fire proof wall self closing duct systems to protect sensitive data. And although there is a security team in place have a ongoing relationship with the local police department to aid in any disturbances. Distinguish roles within the team so everyone will know what is expected at any given time. Identify each individuals role from IT to security and how working together will be a great asset.

Next is anther set of questions he wanted answered in the paper

1)Analyze the trends affecting security and loss prevention and determine the approaches to reduce losses facing businesses and institutions

2) Evaluate from a multidisciplinary approach, non-traditional approaches to crime prevention

1) Employ the use of risk analysis and vulnerability assessment processes

2) Critically examine the variety and extent of losses from criminal acts, natural disasters, and security breaches facing society.