Onvergence/Divergence of the global market a What do we see when we look through the same marketing lens?

The argument that global society is converging or diverging is not necessarily new but the argument rages on among academics and practitioners alike. The significance for marketers is becoming more pertinent within daily contexts; business, society, advertising and even on the street. Globalisation has played a role although it is not clear if globalisation has brought us closer together or simply driven us apart as consumers. There are various definitions regarding convergence and divergence and its impact on business and international marketing management. But there are some pressing questions and serious consequences to this global phenomenon particularly at the hands of technology.

Points to include in your opinion piece;

What role has globalisation played in the emergence of the convergence/divergence debate for international marketers?
What are the complexities associated with the management of marketing in both these global scenarios?
What complexities are there associated with the international management of the 7Ps of marketing given the convergence/divergence perspective?
What role has technology played in the emergence of this phenomenon and could technology be better deployed to manage the situation?
In what way are the International Marketing Manageras skills requirements different for a converging consumer world than for a diverging consumer world?
How, where and when can we use the convergence/divergence debate for internal decision making regarding development of international marketing strategy, management and practice?