Onverstation between Assata shakur Ivory Perry

writing with a different style of essay. to construct a dialogue between two people (Assta Shakur and Ivory Perry in Havana in 1984) and thing must be before 1984.

the essay it might be like

Assta Shakur: a parapgraph long
Ivory Perry: a parapgraph long that refere what Assta said.

but i guess you need to have a introduction before you construct the dialogue. like tell about a story.
and then have a conclusion as well.
and the introduction should have thesis as well.

ESSAY #2: Imagine a conversation between Assata Shakur and Ivory Perry in Havana in 1984. Using the readings, construct a dialogue between these two about their respective ideas and political developments. Pay particular attention to their experiences and to the way they understood and characterized the Black freedom movement(s). How would they explain the development of their own political consciousness? What strategies would they promote in light of the political conditions in the U.S. (and the world) in 1984?
I encourage you to be creative, but please do not stray from the evidence available. Part of the assignment is to try and understand the lives and thoughts of these two activists and the contexts that created them and the contexts in which they are living (i.e., don t have them talk about things that happened after 1984!) And don t be a ventriloquist, simply inserting your ideas into their mouths. The papers should be between 7-10 pages, typed double-spaced.