Onverting the Jetstream 31 into a surveillance and early warning aircraft

I will upload all the instructions for my project. I will also attach a preliminary report for further detail that I have written (It has a large number of sources and information on how I want the project). The deadline is flexible and I will extend as the writer wishes as long as it is necessary. I will require the writer to have a very good background in aircraft structures and calculations, such as bending moments, shear force and centre of gravity. Also some changes in lift and drag from fitting a rotodome. I will require the writer to send me sections of the paper as required by a Gantt chart for a weekly report( I will upload the Gantt chart) and of course will not follow all of the requirements of the chart as I will do the design and sketches myself (The writer will only determine the changes needed in the aircraft).

The writer should also follow the university guidelines i have attached (p1 to p10).