Onvince your adience that nursing is a good career to pursue.

Use twelve-point Times New Roman font, Double space the entire manuscript 1 inch margins on all 4 sides. Indent 5 spaces at beginning of each paragraph. In upper left corner of first page, provide a heading that includes: Tammi Thomas (tab)Professor Tharp (tab) ENGL 1113 11-12:15 (tab) May 5,2014. At least 600 words long 6 paragraphs, use research and persuasive strategies.3 different credible sources, do not use encyclopedias, Wikipedia or website that is not clearly associated with credible publication. must include at least 4 quotes from sources. Any exact wording from sources must be put in quotation mark and properly cited to MLA rules. need a works cited page on separate page in alphabetical order, all info about sources, all entries should use hanging indentation and double spaced.