Ood addiction / chemicals making food addictive / potato chips

Dear Writer,

I need to write a research paper and I have already started with my thesis/ Introduction.
My aim is to find out, how dangerous potato chips/ Fastfood is compared to drugs. Why these companies are not restricted in making them addictive etc… I would like you to use only peer reviewed sources, which is important for this essay. One of the 7 pages should be a little summary of all used sources and where they come from. I am supposed to use the online database, which I will attach in my word document.

I think in this essay we need to compare food addiciton in contrast to drugs as well as some statistics….

I already have one source of the NYT, which is the only newspaper article source I can use. All other 4 sources must be more proffessional and not so biased, meaning they should be peer reviewed and from the database I will include in the word document.

I will also attach a layout document, which shows the way the document should be layouted… If you need more time, please tell me, but then I would like to see some work in progress…

Thanks a lot.