Ood and beverage management: The Duck and Drake Restaurant

The Duck and Drake is a successful owned pub with an annual turnover of ? 400000.; 60% of the turnover is beverage sales, 30% is food and the remaining 10% is from gaming (pool and slot machines).
As owner-operators they view the turnover at the end of their second year as successful and have lived well off the business including most of their own food and beverage requirements. They are unaware of exactly how the sales revenue is made up by each component and what margins they make. They have also not seen the need to introduce any system for controlling stock or purchases, relying instead on their own experience, and annual chat with their accountant where they look at the purchases against revenue,
A brief look at the accounts identifies the following:

Beverages sales ? 240 000.-
Food sales ? 120 000.-
Cost of beverages ? 115 000.-
Cost of food ? 54 000.-
Gaming income ? 40 000.-

Although successful in the eyes of the owners this business is not performing as well as it could. A new member of the restaurant staff has given the following feedback to the owners for the past couple of weeks gained from talking to the customers whilst serving them:

o We don t come here as often as we would like because it is hard to know what s still going to be available on the menu
o I like to have a steak when I am out but I don t have them here anymore, they are so unreliable
o I hope the wine I have ordered is not that supermarket wine I had last time, it had their brand on the label and was four times the price
o Well I haven t been here since Christmas; I wasn t very well after that turkey dinner

Advise the owners on what procedures they should adopt in terms of purchasing (method, type of suppliers& ) and storage& that would moderate these customer comments and generally improve the performance of the business.