Ood and Security and Conflict: Implications and Soluations

Please respond in detail (with accuracy, focus and appropriate references) to each of the following questions:

Write a draft literature review to a research paper of your preference topic or linked to any area of your major of studies. It is a draft primarily in that you should expect to change it. This part of your paper should be clear, exhibit correct grammar, and demonstrate your mastery of the principles of style.

Special Characteristics: Your literature review should include

§ Use of at least three books and two journals as flexible guides. Present correct citations. A summary of the specific contents/meaning of the source-what it s about; a comment on the significance of the source to your essay-that is, a statement about what point or points the source will help you make or support in your argument.
§ Integrate your sources into your discussion
§ Summarize, analyze, explain, and evaluate published work rather than merely reporting it
Move up and down the Ladder of abstractionfrom generalization to varying levels of detail back to generalization