Ood, Bad & Ugly Participation Video [Marketing]

Dear Writer here is me (Order ID:468227) again,

Just to let you remember what i was wondering about in Order ID:468227, that you confirmed to me: it is going be fine for you to do it:

In my marketing class we have a funny discussion part called good bad & ugly that we got couple of youtube videos of commercial, so we need to watch them and just give a really short comment like just 2 lines showing something in the marketing concept.

and i will show you some of the comments so you can get the point.

so for example here is one of the video that we have to leave a comment about what we think.

services. It also relates to people who have gone on dates (everyone) where they do not want to leave a bad impression on another, or you hope that this person is not going to be a creep. That is one thing nobody likes or wants and the ad nailed every aspect of a new date we never want to encounter. Mission accomplished!!! It will be remembered for the approach.”

SO, what i want just a short and simple comment showing something in the marketing concept 2-3 lines would be very good. and please be free and take it easy.
just mention if its good, bad or ugly commercial and leave a comment about what you think.

You dont have to use any sources or references. just write the comment under each video link that ill provide to you after i place the order.

Thank you
Your customer.