Ood Bank Task Force -imagine that you are preparing for the meeting scenario described below

Food Bank Task Force -imagine that you are preparing for the meeting scenario described below
For the last three years you have been a volunteer at the local food bank, which distributes meals to the less fortunate in your community. Until now, the food bank has managed to meet the communityi??s needs with donations from local businesses, but an influx of poor residents makes it necessary to raise $20,000 to balance the coming yeari??s budget.
The food banki??s director has asked you to facilitate the work of a new committee to develop realistic options to raise the necessary funds. i??Just be sure that the approaches you present will work, and that our volunteers will support them,i?? comments the director.
Your first step is to review the list of people who have signed up to work with you.
Bob Smith is a long-time volunteer, energetic, disorganized, and prone to socializing at every opportunity.
Jane McManus is a local restaurant owner with good ties to the local business community; she is smart, dedicated, very opinionated, and has little time for i??time wasters.i??
Mikako Sato is an economics graduate student from Japan i?? she is very insightful, but also very quiet and avoids any sort of confrontation.
Carlos Soares is a professional musician, passionate about the arts i?? you suspect that he will steer the group toward some sort of fundraising concert. You are both a member of the committee and the facilitator -keep in mind your own communication style!
Your committee has four weeks to develop a set of recommendations. The first committee meeting (90 minutes) has been scheduled.
For this assignment, write an essay (750-1000 words single-spaced) in which you describe the preparatory steps you will take to set the stage for a productive meeting (i.e., the first 4 Ps) based on the limited information you have in this case situation.