Ood Deed Report (Part 1) + Professor Memo (Incident Report Part 2)

Paper 4: Good Deed Report (10%)

Task #1: Carefully select an individual you do not supervise, either at your place of work or at some establishment with which you do business (personally). Consider any significant act of kindness or assistance (above and beyond the call of duty) that this person has performed on your behalf or for another person. Determine the names of the individual and of the individuals supervisor. Write a short note/memo/letter to the supervisor, requesting his/her recognition of the action that merited your appreciation in the first sentence. Be certain to include the SUBSTANCE of the action (its fact, quantity, and result) in your description of the service performed, and begin by requesting the supervisors action to recognize his/her employee, not your personal commendation. Deliver the note to the supervisor. Commending the employee yourself is NOT what is required, as that will merely be posted in the employeeas file. This first file is your document #1 ( 2 Pages)

#2nd task: THEN write a 2-page memorandum to me (the Professor) describing the action you took and the results. Include a copy of your note to the supervisor as the second page of the same file that provides me with your memorandum (do NOT post two files). Your note to the supervisor MUST include the supervisors name AND the employees name, as well as your request for the supervisors action. NOTE: This paper must report a REAL situation that occurred during THIS semester; this type of writing is a BASIC requirement for senior managers.