Ood disorders related to distorted body image

I would like an article about food disorders like bulimia, anorexia and bing eating.

Surfing through the internet someone is almost certain to find people seeking all kinds of information from gardening and music to spacecrafts and dating.But how normal is it to find people asking information on how to become anorexic in order to be skinnier?”

The article should include informationa bout what food disorders are,what type of women are prone to becoming anorexic,if there is an underlying factor that makes these women become anorexic,what are the consequenses for the health and use statistics to define how big the problem is in the USA and the UK.It should be clearly said why these women see themselves as fat and choose to starve to death.
The language used should be intruiging,simple but not simplistic and make the reader want to continue reading it.

Psychiatrists and nutritionists opinions should be included.
Use footnotes and include a bibliography at the end.