Ood in the Art Joos Van Cleve, Netherlandish a Holy Family 1512-23


A double-spaced, 9 pages, paper is due at the end of the semester. This paper will explore a work of art of your choice, from any time period, but it must be one located in a NYC museum. You must write your paper on a painting you can view in person, using reproductions is not acceptable.

The paper will explore your opinions about the painting; describe its importance especially in relations to food history, but also in its art historical context. As we will discuss in class, all paintings reflect the food in a place in time. Your paper must describe the food history of your art workas time period. Because the symbolism or meanings of the depicted foods have often altered over time, in your paper must explore both the meanings of the food in the painting for those viewing it at the time it was executed, but also deal with present interpretations, describing either how they have changed or why they have not. Also, you must include your personal reactions to this painting; what drew you to this particular work of art and especially what the food images mean to you.

Please include an image of the painting with your paper (a copy from the Internet is fine.)

My points:

- In the beginning we could start with an introduction about the Metropolitan museum and how is this painting attracted my attention.
- Art history: A) Artist. B) Time History.
- What are the Netherland painters interested in at that time?
- Food history at that period of time.
- Symbolism (what does the fruits means at that period of time?) a  book sources
- People look at the painting at that period of time a  what does it mean to them? (Past)
- What does it mean to a contemporary viewer in 21st century? (Now)
- What does this painting mean to you? What makes it different than other paintings? Why did you choose it?
(The red points are the most important to be included in the paper)

You can use book sources, art websites, and your opinions