Ood Man Is Hard To Find By Flannery OaConnor

A literary research paper utilizes both primary and secondary sources. A primary source is the work or works of literature being analyzed. The secondary source is a piece of literary criticism written about the primary source(s). Some secondary sources include, but are not limited to, the following: journals, magazine articles, newspaper articles, web sites, books, television programs, films, CD-ROM databases, and radio programs. In order to write a successful literary research paper, the writer must first read the primary source(s) carefully, taking notes as he or she reads and then examine the secondary sources written about the primary source(s). Some writers find it beneficial to read the criticism first so they will have an idea about what to read for in the primary source. This technique also may allow the reader to develop topics before reading the primary work(s).
For this paper, you will need to choose one primary source, which may be any poem(s) or short story (stories) of literary merit.