Ood passion is the name of catering company as a sole trader.

The assignment will require you to write a 2000 word report which presents the proposed market research to be undertaken for the individual business start-up idea, running as a sole trader. The report must include a critical evaluation of the methods and approaches chosen for the market research and why it is important to undertake market research before setting up the business this is the module guide for the assessment.this is not a real market research actually.i have to improve a business idea as a sole trader and A A± choose catering company which is very small company. i will be the owner of this company and A A± will have 5 labour with me. they are all very skilled in aspect of table dressing, serving to table, cooking, baking, driving company van. we are going home to prepare foods for parties like birthday, house parties, new year parties christmas and also business meetings. it will start in Cambridge city. i will have definitely some competitors. this proposal should be examined in every way. for more details i have presentation slides and some notes from the lecture. there should be some stakeholders. first family, employees, suppliers, customers, insurance, health issues and so on. there should be headings and subheadings. there should not be making actual market research. it should be clear. for the introduction; clear overview of the business idea. I will send the my companies overview which is like a summary to show the lecturer. And i will send a presentation which is showing that how to write this report according to lecturer orders.