Ood Safety Issues and Outbreaks in Americas Food Supply

6-page APA Research Essay on Food Safety Issues and Outbreaks in Americaas Food Supply. The finished research paper should present your own thinking backed up by othersa ideas and information. A minimum of four reputable sources for references needed. One of the reference needs to be from course textbook Nutrition and Diet Therapyby Peggy S. Stanfield.

**NOTE: Course textbook can be found at: play.google.com sign-in using username: 1tmo2015 password: blu3&gr33n Click on Books tab, then click on My Books

Also to be included in the Research Essay:

1. Catchy, descriptive TITLE mentions subject dealt with in essay.
2. Each page numbered, double spaced, left-margin aligned.
3. THESIS STATEMENT (underlined in first paragraph) mentions the main pointsa in correct ordera discussed in the paper.
4. TOPIC SENTENCES in each supporting paragraph refer directly toa and develop the main points mentioned ina the thesis statement.
5. SUPPORTING PARAGRAPHS are unified, coherent, fully developed, and contain specific evidencea quotations, descriptions of episodes, scenes, passagesa to support each point.
6. CONCLUSION summarizes thesis statement and draws larger implications from your analysis.
7. Most VERBS are in the ACTIVE (rather than passive) VOICE; NOUNS are specific and vivid, rather than vague and generic. Weak a?to bea? verbs and clauses that begin with a?it isa? & a?there isa? forms have been revised.
8. The PRESENT TENSE is used consistently, except where logic requires the past, future, etc.
9. Each SENTENCE is clear, coherent and varied in length from the others, without wordiness, redundancy, needless repetition, and faulty parallelism, modifiers, or reference.
11. PUNCTUATION is correct: comma, semi-colon, colon, hyphen, apostrophe, quote, dash, etc.
12. Essay is ON TOPIC, answering the question(s) the assignment poses.