Ood safety management procedures within a catering business

An assignment on food safety management procedures in operation within your chosen catering business. Your report must contain the following sections:

1.A description of how food safety management procedure ensures effective compliance with current legislation and codes of practice in your catering business.

2.An explanation of how you, as a manager in your catering business, can establish, monitor and verify food safety management procedures.

3.A critical analysis of an incident when a food safety management procedure failed-including details of the corrective actions taken and an explanation of how these were communicated to ensure food safety in the future.

The assignments will be assessed using the following criteria:

a).Ensure compliance with legislation and industry guidance

” Comprehensive knowledge of relevant legislation and how it applies to the specified workplace (10%)
” Competent examples with thorough details (10%)

b).Establishment, monitoring and verification of food safety management procedures

” Comprehensive understanding of monitoring and verifying procedures (15%)
” Competent examples with thorough details (15%)

c).Maintaining food safety management procedures

” Excellent analysis and investigation with significant detail and a wide range of recommendations (35%)
” Excellent examples with thorough details (15%)

An example of this assignment has been attached below.