Ood Stamp (SNAP) Challenge Assignment 2012

Food Stamp (SNAP) Challenge Assignment 2012

Overview of Assignment:
Students will try to meet food needs for $5/day for 4 days. ($3 per day was the basis for the original Congressional Food Stamp Challenge in 2007, but Iave adjusted for food costs and also for the fact that Food Stamps are meant to be supplemental). Keep in mind, however, that the average Food Stamp benefit in Utah is still $1.33/per meal.
Purpose of Assignment:
Statistics are impressive and sometimes shocking, but insufficient for conveying genuine understanding about poverty and food insecurity. This assignment will allow students to gain empathy, understanding, and knowledge about food insecurity by experiencing it first hand.
Instructions for Challenge:
1. Spend a total of $20 on food and beverages for four consecutive days ($5/day).
2. All food and beverages purchased and eaten during the Challenge days, including fast
food and dining out, must be included in the total spending.
3. During the Challenge, try to purchase food specifically for this assignment, but if you
eat food that you already own (this does not include spices and condiments, but does
include vitamin supplements), estimate the cost and include that cost into your total. 4. Avoid accepting free food from friends, family, or at work, including at receptions or
5. Please keep track of food spending and keep a log of your experiences throughout the
four days.
6. As you keep your log during the Challenge, keep these questions in mind:
o?°? What did you purchase?
o?°? Where did you shop?
o?°? What did you eat each day?
o?°? How well did you meet your nutrition needs? (Assess adequacy of your diet in one of two ways:
1) use a diet analysis program; or 2) compare your intake to MyPlate.)
o?°? How could you have improved your diet during the Challenge?
o?°? Did you notice any effects on your physical/mental/emotional well-being during the Challenge?
o?°? What did you avoid eating because of the cost?
o?°? What did you eat more of because of the cost?
o?°? What did you learn from this experience?
o?°? How could this experience benefit participants?
Instructions for Paper:
Write a concise (but thorough), well-organized essay (approximately 3-4 pages) addressing the questions above. Also attach and hand in your record of food eaten and log (this part does not have to be typed). In addition, hand in your draft