Ood, The Transmitter of a Cooks Emotions

Teacher Instruction:
It should be double-spaced, plus bibliography in APA.
Your paper should do the following:
summarize and bring into conversation at least three scholarly sources
identify a knowledge deficit, pose a question and map out how it will address this question
offer convincing evidence/arguments and conclusion

Your paper should not be simply a summary of other sources; it should make an original contribution. The idea is to connect with the scholarly a?conversation,a? to add to it or critique it so as to improve it.

I am also looking for evidence that you have genuinely engaged the topic; be critical, thoughtful, and creative.

Please make sure your paper is reasonably error-free and reader-friendly. Also, make sure it is properly formatted and uses APA citation style.

My idea:

I want the research paper to linked with Cookbook Introductions. Introductions talk about emotions, linked with cooking.
It shows how a cooks instructed into emotional ingredients.
Answer the question of, how they talk about cooking and what emotions are assoiated with it.

Research: connection of cooking and emotions. (Use Articles found)

Answer how, cooks are told that this is an emotional experience for them.

Another further example would be the cooking channel, stage this idea
Put it into the scholarly conversation presumed by my teacher.

Also, show a study of cooking shows. Male Hosts vs. Female Hosts and the different types of emotions that come off from each or in comparison.

And lastly deal with the idea of, what if the instructions were more serious than an entertainment genre. Connect this with how the cooking channel and how some shows are serious and others entertainment or how they are counterproducts in comparison to books that are taken more serious. Connect them and add your own opinion.

Please Double Check for no Plagerism.