Ood truckEntrepreneur Interview and Reflection report

main topic is about food truck, our food truck from Tullees resturant. all information in my PPT, PPT with our persentation draft, and there are a example u can as a references. if u have any questions, contact me, i will reply as soon as possible.

You need to interview an entrepreneur that you help in developing the new venture for this assignment. Logically, the best way you can do this assignment is to find an entrepreneur who is relevant to your particular interests and/or the opportunity you are assessing. Besides whatever information/relationship you may need for your future business, you also need to understand this entrepreneur in terms of his or her entrepreneurial experience and do a separate write-up on it. Please include an overview of their business, how they came to start the business, their background, issues that were confronted during the start-up of the business, how they assess both the economic and social impact of their business and contact information for the entrepreneur. In your reflection essay consider the following:
a? Make sure you understand the principles of reflection from lectures and readings.
a? In the body of your essay, explain what each concept means, in your own words, to demonstrate your understanding. Then go beyond explanation of the concept to provide a brief argument of application, analysis, or evaluation, using your experiences as a researcher and learner as evidence to elaborate on the idea.
a? You can use or paraphrase from earlier reflections if they are relevant to making your point; but dont just quote them. Re-frame them by introducing them or commenting on them further as part of this new paper. Long quotes dont count in your word count but may be worth using as evidence or to develop an argument further. If you use your own former writing, cite yourself using Harvard style (author, year & date posted, report #) but dont include the item in the reference list because it is not published.
a? Frame the body with a brief introduction and conclusion that engage in a degree of synthesis and Big picturethinking in order to unify your essay and contribute new insights.