Ooda Itas Whatas for Supper: The environment and our difficult relationship with fuel

Please cite absolutley EVERYTHING!!
Use at least one source from either Unhappy Mealsby Pollan, a?Do You Know What Youare Eating?a? by Lahey, The Oil we Eat by Manning, or,a?The Future Has Begunby Underwood.
All the sources you use please include a photocopy of the full chapter or website!!

Essay topic:
You should read the first half of the first sentence, in boldface, as the topic. The second half of the sentence suggests your range. The subsequent questions suggest ways in which you can approach the topic. Note, however, that you are not obliged to use one of these approaches. You are welcome to modify or rearrange or select elements on which to focus, and are not to attempt to answer all of the questions. You are certainly not required to (and are actually absolutely advised against attempting to) tackle all the elements in the topic. Remember that topics are always large and general. Be sure to narrow your focus, and undertake a precise and significant argument that you can reasonably explore in sufficient depth and prove within 1250 to 1500 words. Remember that while this is a research paper, you must still be making an argument which expresses your opinion, analyses the ideas of others, and writes about significance.

1. In unit 3, a?Fooda Itas Whatas for Supper: The environment and our difficult relationship with fuela? (readings from week 7 and 8) the essays address the matter of how our food is produced, and the choices we make about food. Do we need to change what and how we eat, when we consider how much oil goes into our food? Has the green revolution helped or worsened our lives in the developed world, and/or can it, in all practicality, feed the developing world? How should we deal with the problems of industrial agriculture? Are monocultures and processed foods bad for our health? Is genetically modified food a solution or a cause of problems? Should there be more genetically modified food? Should there be a moratorium on GM food? Should GM food be banned? Will GM foods worsen problems with allergies? Should and can we all eat organic and locally grown food? Is nutritionism a cause of confusion or actually a good way to eat? Should and can we all eat like our ancestors? Do we need to be more concerned about how our food is produced? Do we need to be treating food animals more humanely, why, and what might that mean? Make an argument about how we are affected by any aspect of issues around food, prompted by the course readings.

Mechanical details:
Double space your essay. Print only on one side of the page. Use 2.54 centimetre (1 inch) margins all around, 12 point Times Roman (or other serif font) font, include your last name in the top right hand corner, and number your pages. Do not use a title page, but include all the information in the top left corner of the first page.

Using sources:
You must read and respond to the arguments of three sources, (including one from the readings for the course) incorporating at least one substantial quotation, summary, or paraphrase from each of those essays or books (that is, at least three citations from three different articles or books). The two external secondary sources must be peer-reviewed journal articles, or academic and scholarly books (and absolutely not textbooks). (Use search resources from the library to help you find your sources. Be very careful about using sources from the Internet, as they can be less authoritative and reliable. Check with the librarians for help to ensure your sources are reliable.)
The paraphrases, quotations, or summaries of the sources will work to:
a) prompt your own thinking, by suggesting ideas,
b) reinforce your own point, by making similar arguments,
c) provide ideas or information against which you argue.
Remember that all quotations, paraphrases, and summaries must be properly cited. You must include parenthetical citations, in MLA style, and you must also include a a?Works Citeda? page.
You must submit photocopies of the secondary sources with your essay (complete article, and/or complete chapter from the booka not just the page you have quoted from), but not of the internal course readings assigned on the syllabus. Any essay which does not cite and include photocopies (in entirety) of all the external essays used will receive a grade of F and 0 (zero).