Oodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

A thesis is not an examination, an exploration, or an analysis (though analysis is needed in the body of your essay)
A thesis usually starts with the identification of a theme or a social concern.
talk about issues of class in Goodnight Desdemona (Good Night, Juliet), you will need to organize your introduction around the way the novel treats the issue of class in general. Then your last line should be your thesis, and the first sentence of your second paragraph should be a topic sentence.

4) 4) Each of your paragraphs must begin with a topic sentence in the first line. A topic sentence will organize your thoughts and the paragraphs so that they do not become a stream of consciousness. A topic sentence specifies what this particular paragraph will be arguing or discussing.

5) 5) Each non-obvious claim must be supported with evidence from the text. Make sure that your textual examples do not outnumber your own words.

Quotes should be used sparingly.

6) 6) Each quotation must followed by an analysis. SHOW the way in which that quote from Goodnight Desdemona addresses the particular issue that you have identified