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English Composition II

Research Paper Outline

Before you begin thiis assingment, make sure that you have your assigned topic from me.


1. The outline is to be a topic outline, not a formal sentence outline. Look at pages 12-14 in your Hacker text for further help.

2. Center the words Topic Outline: Title of Your Paper on the first line of the page. DO NOT enclose it in quotation marks or underline it.

3. Skip a line. On the next line flush with the left margin write a?Thesis:a? and then write your thesis statement.

4. Skip a line. Come in two spaces on the next line and write a?Ia? and then fill in your first topic.

5. Outline only the body of your research paper. You do not outline the Intro or Conclusion of your paper.

6. Use at least 3 Roman numeral points in your outline and not more than 5. Do the outline in third person.

7. Fully develop your main points through the use of Roman numerals, capital letters and Arabic numeral points. Some, not all the main topics, are to be developed a step further, small case letters, which is called subpointing.

8. When you are done with the body of your outline write a?Conclusion:a? and then write a final concluding sentence restating your thesis.

9. All book titles are to be italicized. Titles of poems, short stories, and articles are to be in quotes.

10. If you have a “1in your outline, you always need a “2”. If you have an A”, you need a B”, etc…

11. This is just a rough outlineyour outline will change once you begin writing your paper.

Keep this in 12 point Times New Roman font and double space this outline.