OodSteroids. Anitbiotics. Sprays. Are food manufacturers killing us?a Annotated Bibliography

English Composition II

Research Paper a Annotated Bibliography

Before you begin this assingment, you need to make sure that you have your approved topic from me.


1. Locate 10 sources for your topic. Locate and look them over to see if they are any good. You must use a variety of sources: books, periodicals (magazines & newspapers), CD-ROM sources, Reference Databases, and other sources you may find.

2. After you have read a source that you think you might use in your paper, make a bibliography listing for that source using the correct MLA format. This source has some examples you may use. Please feel free to look at other sources on the Web as well.

Take note that the second and all following lines are indented five spaces.

Examine closely the capitalizations, order of each entry, and punctuation.

Follow the examples exactly.

If you have trouble with one type of source, please ask for help.

Encyclopedias and dictionaries may not be used as sources in your paper. They can be used just for your own personal information when you are looking for background information.

3.Now you need to annotate those 10 sources. Annotation means that you write a few sentences about the source.

Make sure the bibliography is in WORD using 12pt Times New Roman font.