Oogle and Apple Know Where You Are, Maybe W1Ass

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Please in an essay Questions to Answer:
1.Location-based tracking is common to all smartphones, for good reason or bad. The popular locationbased service company Foursquare has an app so you can check in at various locations to receive discounts, become Mayor, and see who else might be there. DealLeak, which aggregates deals from the likes of Groupon and Living Social, needs your location in order to offer local discounts on products and services to you. How many location-based service apps do you have on your smartphone? How often do you use them and why?
2.Apple and Google defended their processes by stating that their privacy policies very clearly stated what information would be gathered, how that information would be used, and how and with whom that information might be shared. When was the last time you read the privacy policy of any technology tool, such as a Web browser or app? Do you think very many people actually read these? Do the disclaimers in these privacy policies give the offering organization the right to do anything with your information?
3.What about location-based tracking in car systems like GMas OnStar? Those systems know the caras location to give you driving directions and perhaps identify local restaurants or other venues. Are you comfortable with this? When was the last time you bought a paper map? How much do you rely on your caras GPS system?
4.What about smartphone tracking for parents who want to know where their children are and where theyave been? Minors under the age of 18 have very few privacy rights, especially when it comes to parentsa knowledge of where they are. Are parents going too far in wanting to know where their children are? What are the benefits of such systems for parents? For the children? What does the term a? helicopter parenta? refer to?