Oogle in China Case Study Evaluating Strategy (Executive Brief)

This assessment is the culmination of all your work in this module. Having undertaken an environmental audit for the first module assignment and studied the strategic options available to the business you are now required to independently evaluate the existing strategy of the business and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the future development of the business strategy.
Your brief should include an analysis of the;

* Strategic capability of the organisation
* Organisations strategic position
* Business environment
* Corporate governance and stakeholder power
* Existing strategic direction

Your recommendations should be fully evaluated including a consideration of the potential barriers to the successful implementation of the future strategy.
This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes;

* Critically analyse situations and determine which different theoretical models have valid application in differing organisational contexts
* Through practice have a critically informed understanding of the strategic decisions that are crucial in particular situations.
* Synthesise knowledge of other management functions into critical aspects of strategy and the strategic process
* Make practical use of the mainstream strategy concepts in simulated/real business situations
* Analyse environmental and operational business issues into a set of specific strategic intents
* Develop effective communication skills to enable the presentation of key results and recommend appropriate strategic action
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