Oogle Organizational Structure and Culture

Complete a case study of the organizational structure and culture of Google. Use as a starting point the information included in the Part 4 of the Integrative Running Case on Google a?Whatas New with Googleas Organization?a? beginning on page 522. You will also need to do additional research on the Google company to successfully complete this assignment.

Your paper should address the following questions:

1. Sketch Googleas organization chart. Analyze the organizational design. Is the organization design shown in your chart appropriate for Google? Why or why not? Include appropriate structure, design, culture and change criteria from chapters 16 a 19 to justify your answer.
2. What type of global organization structure is Google using? In your opinion, is this the best choice? Why do you think so or not?
3. Would you be a fit with Googleas organization culture? Explain your answer by identifying which Google values you also hold and which you do not hold.

Writer please let me know if you need any of the chapters from the Text Book. Thanks